KJS here… Back 18 years ago I got the idea for this system. With aluminum castings, one of the two factory carbs reworked internally for this application and a custom made air filter, sold for around $349.95 and was a good price for what it was. Over time the old Yamaha carbs were, well junk, and it was time for the next generation of reliability along with years of service that fits all models. FYI, aluminum manifold runs 155 degrees, the new composite is 85 degrees, making the fuel charge real cold and creating great piston thrust. Ah, there I go with the science technical stuff again.

Recently, a client from Texas called and wanted a kit for an 1100 V-Star. He admitted in his own words, I tried to cheap out. OK… but this got my interest and imagination and I proceeded to the link he sent me. I usually never go there! I’m afraid of philosopher kings and professors of F—ology, you know, arm chair critics. Was I shocked! Don’t folks know about mechanical theories? Guess not. Heck, there was everything from the kitchen taps, to exhaust tail pipes. Ok, I can appreciate that times are tough and folks just want to ride. But, when they all start calling me for the answers, I’m not a school teacher and I don’t know who bastardized it or where they bought it. Like the human heart, if you can’t give it a new one, at least give the bike a proper burial.

Trust you all enjoy the new website. All the information and truths are there to investigate.